The Fashion Fendi bag designed by Adele

The value of a handbag depends on designer’s creative effort, natural creations must be expensive. Fendi recently enabled the star to design new handbags, calling out their Picasso of hearts to let fans scream. From funny supermodel Carla to British queen of heaven Adele, all show their talents for Fendi and the new style handbag designed by them would again displayed on Fendi flagship store of London’s New Bond Street on May 30, you can buy first on the website, or the private limited edition is going to fall into the other pocket.


This series of knockoff Fendi bags still full of surprises, revealings the woman’s amorous feelings and pretty and charming. The application of colorful rivets subverted the consistent elegant sense; asymmetric handcrafted bows let the handbag no more rigid; exquisite rivet bestrewed the evening bag like winter snowflakes, which is charming and shining. In addition, the emergence of the delicate and charming embroidery dinner clutch bag and simple briefcase also highlights for the series, not just for the use of rivets, accessories series of fake Fendi handbags also meet the full range of desire of women.

Carla designs a new bags decorated with a red eye-catching S for Fendi, is it to express the meaning of “super woman”?, or express a “super” the handbag is? Regardless of what is the implicit meaning, white background and blue and red letters rendering the refreshing summer atmosphere, the most popular sport style handbag in this season is more populist.


British girls not only owns first grade voice but also has excellent design talents, colorful M beans encrusted on both sides of bag is so amusing, and the inside of eyelashes really lovely, Adele you win, as a woman who can resist the small cute and creative thing?

Covered with beads Fendi bag, combined with art portrait painting is slightly mottled sense, blink blink purple lining reproduces the 1990s rock style.

Naomie Harris’ s creation comes from a European map, the butterfly adsorption graced in the territory, lining a sentence of truth love freedom, which conveys the designer’s attitude to life.

It is Enough Luxury Only with a Jewelry Handbag

Fendi cooperated with an grandest and oldest jeweler cooperation of Italy, first launched five fancy crocodile leather handbags, including two Baguette and 3 mini Peekaboo. But about the jewelry handbag, it is already involved with many brands, including Judith Leiber who mainly concentrate on the red carpet jewelry handbags design. So in the age of the costly trend, how about considering getting a luxurious jewelry bag of Fendi latest handbags.
U10018P1TS1437963002_26218Baguette adopted pink or green crocodile leather to sew, then inlaid ruby, sapphire and emerald on the gold decorations. Mini Peekaboo of blue crocodile is green leather, 723 sapphires and emerald decorated on the metal bar and gold spin lock as well as the deep red and black, all is refreshing.

Never look down upon such vintage Fendi  handbags, it takes more than one hundred hours to make one of them. Top craftsmen make out the paper model of all parts for the handbag, put it on the crocodile leather then cut and sew the leather handbags. Craftsmen will draw the draft of the trim, and then use the very long pliers to put it on the draft one by one before smelting process, after that pour the gold into a mold to cast bag buckles, spin lock, and other details. Finally top craftsman inlaid the gem on the handbag one by one by handwork. Beautiful gem, diamond collocate elegant luxury leather, woven out the incomparable grace style.

Fun Fendi Micro Bags to amuse you all this summer

Each classic Peekaboo and Baguette Fendi handbags, in the form of “super mini”, boarded the Fendi spring/summer 2015 runway. These “micro” wonderful, “micro” qiao, “micro” form of Fendi Micro Bags replica comes from where? Let us through The “The seven Theories” fashion clips to imagine a powerful and unconstrained style.

The petite Fendi Micro Bags, compact structure, ingenious design, can be mobile phones, card bag, and personal private small objects and so on was placed in. Daily wear, can be worn when worn formal occasions can be used as handbag tie-in dress, can be a more fitting GouGua on handbags, fashion of playing fun is dye-in-the-wood.

Perfect craftsmanship has always been good at its unique creative fusion of Fendi will unique beauty with a cynical attitude, proportion, color combination collocation, and exquisite craftsmanship and adhere to the combination of the attitude of perfect quality. Fendi Micro Bags knock off show high craft level, will be the size of the conventional handbags geometric exhibiting mini form, it is a bold statement of fashion.

Fake Fendi Micro Bags in addition to the design of soft sheep leather material, but also own a pair of small eyes that twinkle Bag Bugs series design, and the rare fabrics such as crocodile skin material sewn into the special styles, are those who pay attention to detail, quality and creativity of the fashionable women of the perfect partner.

Who will love Fendi handbags replica?

Handbags are one of the most useful inventions in the world. Many people are accustomed to wearing a handbag when they go out. When it comes to the brands of handbags replica, maybe no one can tell all of their names. Among various brands of handbags, who will love Fendi handbags replica? I think every lady who have a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt will love Fendi handbags. Because they can perfectly match with each other, showing your natural beauty and temperament.


In this autumn-winter season, a not-too-big and not-too-small, cute, chic, exquisite and elegant Fendi handbag knock off fits in all kinds of occasions. The all-match feature and easy-match character are the reasons why Fendi handbags replica are so popular with young people.


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Four Exquisite Fendi Handbags Replica In This Season

Fendi is a well-known brand all over the world, famous for fashionable clothes, shoes, jewelry, and especially handbags. How many series of Fendi handbags knock off do you know? Now let me share with you four handbags of four different series of Fendi.

Doctor bag in neon blue Roman leather with 1328 tone-on-tone hand stitches. Double handle and long adjustable shoulder strap. Palladium metalware. Alcantara lining, one zipped pocket and silver Selleria plaque with engraved serial number.


Powder blue calfskin handbag with two internal compartments divided by a stiff partition. Leather-covered bar, twist lock closure and palladium metalware. Single handle and adjustable, detachable shoulder strap. Yellow nappa lining with one zipped pocket.


Multi-colored Elaphe Boston bag with large Ayers polka dots and calfskin detailing, contrasting double handle and charm. Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap. Zipped top with palladium metalware. Two internal compartments divided by a zipped partition and two pockets.


Shoulder bag in white calfskin with black gusseted sides. Twist lock shaped like the new faceted FF logo. Gold enamel metalware. Two internal compartments. With the snapped adjustable shoulder strap, the handbag can be carried over the shoulder, across the body or in the hand.


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Fendi Baguette Replica, The Story Of The IT-bag Phenomenon

The Fendi Baguette replica is a buckled shoulder bag that was originally launched in 1997 and that has become one of the brand’s most iconic bags of all times. But it was Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex and the City” who made this bag an absolute must-have for any true fashionista!


The Fendi Baguette replica bag was designed to be carried under the arm and has the perfect size and just the right amount of elegance to be taken anywhere. The bag was such a hit that it has been created in over 700 different styles!

The cheap Fendi Baguette features a flip-over flap with magnetic closure, a zip pocket inside and a detachable and hook-buckle adjustable shoulder strap, which means the bag can also be used as a clutch.


Thanks to the help of “Sex and City “ star Sarah Jessica Parker and her obsession with the Fendi Baguette, the bag grew with fame and this iconic, compact piece became necessary for every lady who loves fashion.

Fendi reinvented the Baguette Bag in 2013 and that’s how the Be Baguette Bag was born. This is a modern version of the IT bag that features a longer strap for crossbody wear, a push-lock closure and an exterior slip pocket. The new Fendi fake Baguette is so versatile you can wear it to work, in the evening or while shopping because it has a classic look to it that makes it a great accessory!


And as a proof that the Fendi Baguette knockoff is a bag that will never go out of style, in 2015 a new reinvention of the classic Baguette was created. The 3Baguette Bag can be carried in three ways: as a shoulder bag, a cross body and also as a clutch, which explains its name. The design is more modernized with 3D logo on the front flap, it’s bolder, sharper and more glamorous.

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Fendi Replica By The Way Bag: Impressive Versatility!

The By The Way Bag was introduced for the Fendi Fall/Winter Runway Show and it has quickly become a must-have Fendi replica all around the world. With its unique shape, clean and practical design and great versatility, this bag has what it takes to become a classic!


Main Features
The Fendi replica By The Way is a boston-shaped bag made of buttery soft calfskin leather that features double top handles with studs, a hanging leather tag and an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. The interior has textile lining, a zippered compartment in the middle and two open pockets.


Versatility And Practicality
This knockoff Fendi bag scores major points when it comes to this, which is one of the reasons why it’s become so sought-after in such a short time. The Fendi By The Way is so versatile that it can be worn in 4 different ways: on the shoulder with the leather strap, by the handles, slung through your arm and even as a clutch if you slide your hands under the handles!


The bag is functional and it easily holds everything you might need on a daily basis, including an iPad mini without looking bulgy. The exquisite leather doesn’t slouch when the bag is empty and it is also lightweight.

The Fendi cheap By The Way can easily become your everyday bag if you put the strap on and then you can remove the strap and wear it as a night clutch with elegant outfits. You really can’t ask for more!


The design of this bag is really pretty even though it’s not spectacular. If you like understated bags that are beautifully unembellished and have subtle logos, the Fendi faux By The Way is perfect for you. The shape is different from any other replica bags on the market. The bag is super chic and discreet at the same time and it definitely bring something new and to the fashion world.


Keira Knightly Is Always Spotted With A Fendi Silvana bag

The latest Fendi handbags were loved by so many celebrities,and I would take all days if I listed all the celebrities indulging, wouldn’t it? Instead, I decided to focus on the ever-so-elegant Keira Knightley because she’s been seen with a black Fendi Silvana handbag more than once, on several occasions, with different formalities in outfits. Do you know what that means? Well, that it’s versatile, of course! And every true fashionista knows that a versatile handbag is absolutely mandatory.


For me, I’m not a fan of the ostrich leather because you can see where the hairs have been plucked and I can’t help but feel bad for those animals, but chances are, high quality or not, if you’re indulging in replica Fendi handbags, it’s probably not real ostrich leather so you’re good and animal friendly.


This handbag has a very unique look to it. It’s neutral, but not boring, structured but not stiff. This helps keep it unspecific to a territory within events, formalities, outfits and trends. Do you know what that means for you? Well, that this knockoff Fendi handbag is a good purchase because it’ll be timeless within fashion. Of course, since you’re a replica handbag indulger, you’ll be getting a whole lot of bang for your buck anyway.


Delicate knockoff Fendi bags For Expensive Style

It is well known that Fendi handbags are well loved by celebrities around the world.The designs of Fendi handbags always show us some kind of special feeling that other brands haven’t.We can see how popular Fendi it is from many famous actresses’ arms.Fendi designer bags aren’t something that the average ladies or gentlemen would be able to afford. Many celebs show of their Fendi bags so it’s just another thing about celebrity life that is unattainable to us, the regular Janes.


One thing that is really annoying about being someone who does not have a lot of money among other things is that designer Fendi handbags are out of our reach. Well, that was true until the fake Fendi bags showed up!


A replica Fendi bag is a much more affordable way to step up your fashion game, and not only are these imitation Fendi bags only a fraction of the price, they are also really great quality! Just check out replica Fendi handbags online store and see how much you can save by buying knockoff Fendi handbags!


You want to take it everywhere,Fendi Silvana bags

Among all the luxury brands,which one is your favorite ?I don’t know about you girls, but myself love Fendi the best.Well, in brief,I love Fendi Silvana bags.


Now I know that it is a little expected, maybe downright predictable, but this handbag collection is so beautiful and classic, you’ll want to take it everywhere! Not a fan of the price? It’s okay,we can shop replica Fendi handbags instead! If you can afford the real thing, then all means, spend ’til your heart’s content, but if not, you can always shop knockoff Fendi Silvana bags and call it a day.


Can’t afford these amazing Fendi Silvana designer bags? Well, you’re in luck! Fendi imitation handbags are a lot cheaper than the real thing, but they are made with the same great quality and style as the original. You can find your dream faux Fendi Silvana bags here.